My first weekend here!


Since most of last weekend was spent adjusting to the time change, I’m not going to count it as a weekend.

This one was a bit more eventful.

I went to a birthday party for the boy in the family that I met, Timo. He turned 11. I spent the day at their house taking pictures and helping them manage the 15 kids who were running around. I thought that they might have some different birthday traditions here. I was kind of surprised that the party was just like any other birthday that I’ve been to in Canada.

Lisa is 15 and plays basketball! If I was a bit more tanned people might mistake us for sisters (working on it!)

I got a taste of the Mbabane nightlife. On Saturday night, I went to Solani’s with some people from Johannesburg who are staying at Bombasos for 3 weeks. My first experience in an African nightclub was definitely a good one! I’m learning South African slang, hopefully I come back to canada with a cool accent.

I went to our Annual General Meeting at the Olympafrica Sports Development Centre in Lobamba. The AGM is where our Board summarizes the year and gives recommendations for the next year. There were representatives from each of the National Sport Associations present.

Setting up for the AGM.

After the meeting we had a braai. The Olympafrica volunteers made chicken, sausages, pork, pap, and salads; everything was excellent. It went differently than I thought it would, I was there ALL day (8AM to 8PM). After lunch, we sat around drinking Sibebe and wine until the sun went down. I met a lot of people at the AGM, but hanging out the volunteers was definitely the best part. They were so welcoming.

The OAC Volunteers!

Stay tuned for my next blog about my mountain climbing experience with the OAC volunteers!



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